Spyware – A Minor Annoyance Technology 

Spyware – A Minor Annoyance

Disturbingly, many computer users seem to think that spyware is just a minor annoyance, something to be endured or even ignored. Such a perception is inaccurate, and could be very dangerous. Those who think spyware is just a minor annoyance are likely remembering being “spammed” by targeted advertisements This kind of spyware is often called “adware”. Its purpose is to prod the user into buying some product or service. In truth, such is not likely to cause the user any serious harm. On the other hand, after the spyware copies…

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A Simple Approach to Senior Dieting Senior 

A Simple Approach to Senior Dieting

Are you 55, 75, maybe even 95 years old – a “senior” and struggling to lost weight? Residents of Virginia and Michigan wanting information on senior dieting provided by The Rehab Exchange, Inc., a provider of physiotherapy home care services, take note. Scientific studies have shown that as early as the age of 20, muscle mass begins to deteriorate. More drastically around the age of 60, muscle cells begin to atrophy, and muscle fibers turn to fat. Between those years, you could lose as much as 0.5 percent of muscle…

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