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10 Ways to Kick Bad Habits to the Curb Lifestyle 

10 Ways to Kick Bad Habits to the Curb

If you’ve got a few bad habits you want to kick to the curb, you might have tried to get rid of them and failed. Chances are, the methods you used just weren’t right for you. To diminish those pesky habits there are at least 10 ways you might not have considered.


Reduce stress

201312-orig-bad-habits-600x411Stress is one of the main reasons you have bad habits, so reducing it makes sense. People find relief from stress in different ways. Think of a healthy measure you’ve used before that made you feel wonderful and at ease. Walking in the countryside among nature may relax you, or watching the sun go down while you sip cocoa might do the trick. Once you’ve identified a stress relief method, use it often.

Also, take up a tried-and-tested relaxation technique. Mindfulness meditation, tai chi, or yoga can help you develop a calm mind-set. Additionally, have a quick
stress-reduction method handy, like deep breathing. Use it when you feel anxiety rise and you are less likely to engage in bad habits.



Hypnotherapy helps many people get rid of unwanted habits Being open to the belief it might work, and having a positive attitude, aids success. You will need several sessions, rather than one or two; it took a long time to acquire your habits, so it stands to reason removing them will also take a while.



Athletes use visualization to change their behavior, picturing themselves achieving physical feats. Practicing this way makes learning new skills easy. The same is true for any behavior you want to change, including unwanted habits

Visualize yourself carrying out new behaviors For instance, if you want to give up chocolate, see yourself turning down the offer of a chocolate bar. Picture yourself happily passing shelves of chocolate in the supermarket and buying fruit instead. Practice when you wake in the morning, and just before you go to sleep at night, when your thoughts will have extra impact on your subconscious mind.


Get more sleep

Studies show most people don’t get enough sleep. Inadequate shut-eye makes them anxious and lethargic. Their low energy levels often result in the development of comforting but unhealthy habits. Furthermore, being awake in the night gives them more time to engage in unwanted behavior.

If you don’t sleep well, reset your body clock. Go to bed an hour or more before midnight and get out of bed as soon as you wake u p. Continue with the same behavior for several weeks to create a balanced internal clock. Also, wind down in the evening and avoid stimulating foods and activities. You will be relaxed, calm, and ready to sleep.


Gain confidence

Bad habits stem from the need to feel better. If you already feel great, you won’t need your old habits to alter your mood. Detect what might raise your self-esteem. Perhaps meeting more people like you will give you confidence. Maybe practicing empowering body language or undertaking a challenge will do the trick. Take action and boost your confidence.


Increase your motivation

The problem with trying to get rid of bad habits is that your feelings are ambivalent. On one hand, you hope to stop your behavior because you know it’s not constructive. On the other, your bad habit makes you feel wonderful for a while. If the buzz is stronger than your will to change, you will carry on as always; you won’t stop because the reward for doing so isn’t big or instant enough.

You need to change the odds of succeeding. Giving up your bad habit must be rewarding and part of the reward needs to be instant. For example, if you want to lose weight, your goal is long term, but you can reward yourself with something you love each time you drop a few pounds A glossy magazine, new haircut, or trip to a spa may be a suitable option. If these are too expensive, consider treating yourself to a relaxing bubble bath with candlelight and music.


Gather support

Do you have friends who want to get rid of bad habits similar to yours? If so, support and encourage each other. Arrange to give one another regular pep talks on the phone. At those times when you have an urge to indulge in your old ways, call your friends and get them to dissuade you. Also, you might be able to find a local support group to join.


Replace the habit

Sometimes, bad habits are born of healthy intentions that are carried out in unhealthy ways For instance, you may use the Internet to connect with people and feel less lonely, but you spend too much time online. In such a case, you might re place chat room activity with socializing offline. You might want to consider joining an evening class or club, or make an effort to attend parties and gatherings where you’ll make new friends.


Identify triggers

Most habits have triggers For instance, some people turn to comfort eating when they feel low, or drink a lot when they are with specific friends. The respective triggers are madness and being around others who encourage unwanted behavior. Therefore, if you want to stop comfort eating, look at why you are sad. You might need to be with people more, or take up a fulfilling hobby. If you drink too much alcohol when you are with certain friends, you might spend less time with them in the future, or meet them during the day, if your usual habit is to drink together in the evening.


Act like you used to act

There was a time when you didn’t engage in the habit you want to drop. You didn’t smoke, drink whiskey, overeat, or whatever else you want to stop now. Since then, your experiences have spawned bad habits. However, you can choose to go back to being a non-drinker, or whatever you used to be like when you engaged in healthier behaviors. For instance, when you went to bars, you might have consumed low-alcohol beverages or downed a glass of water between each alcoholic drink, or you may have spent more time with other non-drinkers. If you behaved in healthier ways before, you can do the same again. Take up the old healthy habits you had and carry out the constructive behaviors you used to enjoy.

Armed with many different techniques, you can find a powerful way to kick bad habits to the curb. All that stands between you and success is action!

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